IGNOU Bachelor of Science (BSC) – Admission, Eligibility, Fees

IGNOU Bachelor of Science (BSC) – Online Admission

About BSC Programme : B.SC stands for Bachelor of Science. It comes under School of Social Sciences (SOSS), IGNOU. It is a 3 Year Degree Programme. A learner has to earn 96 credits in minimum three years with 32 credits per year. It comes under the category of Bachelor Degre Programmes (BDP). The discipline is offered in both medium i.e English and Hindi.

The distance university offers admission to its Bachelor of Science (B.SC) programme in both admission cycle i.e January and July. Students can apply for admission for this course via online Mode only. Students can fill b.sc admission form online, enclosed documents and fees can be submitted via netbanking / credit card / debit card etc. The university provides Student Handbook & Prospectus 2020-21 for BSC (Bachelor of Science) in both English and Hindi medium.

By reading prospectus, students can easily know about eligibility criteria, medium, fee structure, duration, age limit, programme coordinator etc. The soft copy of bsc prospectus can be easily downloaded by visiting university web portal while students can also get the hard copy by paying Rs 200/- in cash at the nearest IGNOU Regional Centre.

This discipline, like other Bachelor’s Degree Programmes can be completed in minimum(3 years) and maximum(6 Years). All learners need to complete 96 credits in order to qualify for the BSc degree. Below are important features of BSC (Bachelor of Science) programme :

  • Name of Programme : BSC – Bachelor of Science (Chemistry / Physics / Life Science / Mathematics)
  • Medium : English & Hindi
  • Eligibility Criteria : All applicants who wants to take admission in BSc course, must have 10+2 with science subjects or its equivalent qualification.
  • Duration : Minimum : 3 Years, Maximum : 6 Years. If not completed on time, students needs to take re-admission and re-submit fees again.
  • Age Bar : No minimum and maximum age bar
  • Fee Structure : For full programme, the fees is Rs 10,500/- which has to be paid year wise @Rs 3,500/ per year. Be remember that fees structure vary from year to year. So, we asked you to contact Study Centre/Regional Centre.
  • Programme Coordinator : Geeta Kaicker, [email protected], 011-29572839
    Dr. Sanjay Gupta, [email protected]

IGNOU BSC Courses & Syllabus : The total credits is 96 which needed to obtain the Bachelor of Science (BSC) in minimum three years with 32 credits per year. For earning 96 credits, a student has to opt for courses from three categories. 1) Foundation Course (2) Elective Courses and (3) Application-Oriented Courses as given here under :

1) Foundation Courses (24 Credits)
2) Elective Courses (56 Credits or 64 Credits from Chemistry, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Physics (At least 25% of the total credits in Physics, Chemistry & Life Science have to be obtained from Laboratory Courses)
3) Application Oriented Courses (16 or 8 Credits)

In addition to these courses, all BDP students have to study an awareness course on environment entitled -‘An Introduction to the Environment’ (NEV1).

How to Choose Courses for Bachelor of Science (B.SC) : In order to complete the B.Sc. degree within the minimum period of 3 years, learners are allowed to take courses worth 32 credits in each year. Elective courses worth a minimum of 8 credits and a maximum of 48 credits in any one of the four Science disciplines can be opted. Learners can choose 56 or 64 credits of elective courses from a minimum of two Science disciplines and a maximum of four Science disciplines. Of the total credits opted in elective courses in Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences disciplines, at least 25% must be from the laboratory courses.

B.Sc (Major) : To obtain B.Sc (Major), the total number of credits to be taken in elective courses in the respective disciplines is as follows, subject to the condition that you cannot take more than 48 credits in any Discipline:

1) Botany : LSE 1 to 8(L) and the package* of LSE 12, 13, 14(L)
2) Chemistry : CHE 1 to CHE 12(L)
3) Mathematics : MTE 1,2,4 to 9 worth 28 credits are compulsory. Remaining 12 to 20 credits may be opted for from MTE 10 to MTE 14
4) Physics : BPHE 101, BPHE 102, BPHL 103, PHE 4 to PHE 16

IGNOU B.Sc Mathematics Elective Courses :

  • MTE-1 Calculus (4 Credits)
  • MTE-4 Elementary Algebra (2 Credits)
  • MTE-5 Analytical Geometry (2 Credits)
  • MTE-2 Linear Algebra (4 Credits)
  • MTE-6 Abstract Algebra (4 Credits)
  • MTE-7 Advanced Calculus (4 Credits)
  • MTE-8 Differential Equations (4 Credits)
  • MTE-9 Real Analysis (4 Credits)
  • MTE-10 Numerical Analysis (4 Credits)
  • MTE-11 Probability and Statistics (4 Credits)
  • MTE-12 Linear Programming (4 Credits)
  • MTE-13 Discrete Mathematics (4 Credits)
  • MTE-14 Mathematical Modelling (4 Credits)

IGNOU B.Sc Physics Elective Courses :

  • BPHE 101 Elementary Mechanics (2 Credits)
  • BPHE 102 Oscillations and Waves (2 Credits) (Both BPHE 101 & BPHE 102 has to be taken together)
  • BPHL 103 Physics Laboratory-I (4 Credits)
  • PHE-04 Mathematical Methods in Physics-I (2 Credits)
  • PHE-05 Mathematical Methods in Physics-II (2 Credits) (Both PHE 04 & PHE 05 has to be taken together)
  • PHE-06 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (4 Credits)
  • PHE-07 Electric and Magnetic Phenomena (4 Credits)
  • PHE-8L Physics Laboratory-II (4 Credits)
  • PHE-09 Optics (4 Credits)
  • PHE-10 Electrical Circuits and Electronics (4 Credits)
  • PHE-11 Modern Physics (4 Credits)
  • PHE-12L Physics Labroatory-III (4 Credits)
  • PHE-13 Physics of Solids (4 Credits)
  • PHE-14 Mathematical Methods in Physics-III (4 Credits)
  • PHE-15 Astronomy and Astrophysics (4 Credits)
  • PHE-16 Communication Physics (4 Credits)

IGNOU B.Sc. Chemistry Elective Courses :

  • CHE-01 Atoms and Molecules (2 Credits)
  • CHE-3L Chemistry Laboratory-I (2 Credits) (Both CHE-01 & CHE-3L has to be taken together)
  • CHE-02 Inorganic Chemistry (4 Credits)
  • CHE-04 Physical Chemistry (4 Credits)
  • CHE-05 Organic Chemistry (4 Credits)
  • CHE-06 Organic Reaction Mechanism (4 Credits)
  • CHE-7L Chemistry Laboratory-II (2 Credits)
  • CHE 8L Chemistry Laboratory-III (2 Credits) (Both CHE-7L & CHE-8L has to be taken together)
  • CHE-9 Biochemistry (4 Credits)
  • CHE-10 Spectroscopy (4 Credits)
  • CHE 11L Chemistry Laboratory-IV (4 Credits)
  • CHE 12L Chemistry Laboratory-V (4 Credits)
  • MTE-3 Mathematical Methods (4 Credits)

IGNOU B.Sc. Life Science Elective Courses :

  • LSE-01 Cell Biology (4 credits)
  • LSE-02 Ecology (4 credits)
  • LSE-03 Genetics (4 credits)
  • LSE 4L Laboratory Course-I (4 credits)
  • LSE-05 Physiology (4 credits)
  • LSE-06 Developmental Biology (4 credits)
  • LSE-07 Taxonomy and Evolution (4 credits)
  • LSE 8L Laboratory Course-II (4 credits)
  • LSE-9 Animal Diversity-I (6 credits)
  • LSE-10 Animal Diversity-II (6 credits)
  • LSE-11L Animal Diversity Laboratory (4 credits) (LSE-9, LSE-10 & LSE-11L has to be taken together)
  • LSE-12 Plant Diversity-I (6 credits)
  • LSE-13 Plant Diversity-II (6 credits)
  • LSE-14L Plant Diversity Laboratory (4 credits) (LSE-12, LSE-13 & LSE-14L has to be taken together)

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