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IGNOU BSC Physics Solved Assignment 2019 ?

Are you looking for IGNOU B.Sc Physics Solved Assignments 2020?

If yes, then you are at right place. Students who are pursuing PHE – B.Sc Physics from IGNOU need to submit solved assignments 2020 for each of their course before last date.

To get bsc physics degree in minimum duration, students need to have passing marks in both term-end theory and tutor marked assignment (TMA).

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IGNOU BSC Physics Assignment Free Download?

The distance university provides the Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) for all B.Sc Physics courses in the form of a pdf booklet. The PHE ( BPHE-101, BPHE-102 , PHE-04, PHE-05, PHE-06, PHE-07, PHE-09, PHE-10, PHE-11, PHE-13, PHE-14, PHE-15, PHE-16) assignment booklet for the session July 2019 and January 2020 is available online at official website and students can easily download and also sent to students physical communication address via normal post.

Last Date to submit Ignou BSC Physics Solved Assignments ?

Ignou B.Sc Physics Assignments 2020 are valid for December 2020 examination for students who have enrolled in January 2020 session while for students who have taken admission in July 2019, can submit their assignments to appear in June 2020 examination.

There is good news for those students who don’t have time either do job or doing higher study to prepare for solved assignments 2020. No need to worry, if they need help in B.Sc Physics solved assignment 2020, can send email at [email protected].

Ignou BSC Chemistry Solved Assignment 2020

Ignou BSC Life Science Solved Assignment 2020

Ignou BSC Mathematics Solved Assignment 2020

They will get PHE solved assignment 2020 at very reasonable rate. It is compulsory to submit b.sc physics solved assignments 2020 before last date.

After submitting B.Sc Physics assignment, students can check phe (bsc physics) assignment submission status by clicking at link https://admission.ignou.ac.in/changeadmdata/StatusAssignment.ASP.

IGNOU BSc Physics Solved Assignment 2019 Free Download

  • IGNOU PHE-01 Solved Assignment ( Elementary Mechanics)
  • IGNOU PHE-02 Solved Assignment ( Oscillations and Waves)
  • IGNOU BPHE-104 Solved Assignment ( Mathematical Methods in Physics-I )
  • IGNOU PHE-05 Solved Assignment ( Mathematical Methods in Physics-II )
  • IGNOU BPHE-106 Solved Assignment ( Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics )
  • IGNOU PHE-07 Solved Assignment ( Electric and Magnetic Phenomena )
  • IGNOU PHE-09 Solved Assignment ( Optics )
  • IGNOU PHE-10 Solved Assignment ( Electrical Circuits and Electronics )
  • IGNOU PHE-11 Solved Assignment ( Modern Physics )
  • IGNOU PHE-13 Solved Assignment ( Physics of Solids )
  • IGNOU PHE-14 Solved Assignment ( Mathematical Methods in Physics-III )
  • IGNOU PHE-15 Solved Assignment ( Astronomy and Astrophysics )
  • IGNOU PHE-16 Solved Assignment ( Communication Physics )

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